Non-northerners must relocate in 2 weeks —Arewa youths

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Non-northerners must relocate in 2 weeks —Arewa youths

A group  of Northern youths, under Arewa Youth Development Foundation, on Tuesday, called on southerners in the north to relocate to their respective states to make room for northerner who would be returning home.

This ultimatum was contained in a statement read and jointly signed by the group’s national president, Mr Aliyu Usman and its secretary, Comrade Alfred Solomon, during a visit by the group to the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sunusi II, in his palace.

The group alleged that for the past four years, a  policy of direct subjugation of the north and its people had been pursued by the Federal Government and its agencies, in collaboration with various  governments in the south.

The group described the   alleged crackdown on northerners in the name of Boko Haram, the recent arrest of all imams of Juma’at mosques in Abia State, the arrest of northern traders, the happenings at the  national confab,  among others issues, as regrettable.

It added that “in the event that all the resolution failed, we call on all northerners to rise and support agitations for a peaceful dissolution of this union called Nigeria, for every region to go its own way.” 

While addressing the youths, the Emir of Kano  called on youths to be ambassadors of peace and imbibe the culture of peaceful coexistence

He said: “We should not forget that it is natural for people of different minds and cultural backgrounds to live in one entity called a nation. I, therefore, urged you to imbibe the culture of peaceful coexistence.”
I hope security agents and Nigerians are taking note of these reports with a view to acting on them. It is also important to note where the "youths" delivered this threat. People only complain and seek counsel from like minds. It remains debatable if the Sultan of Sokoto would have welcomed a group whose agenda is to give quit notice to other Nigerians.

When in 2012/13 it became apparent to me that non-indigene and Christians were being targeted by Islamists and political Boko Haram I warned about the sub-plot which was to scare them away from the north till after 2015 elections. The emerging picture suggests that the plot is now evolving into action.

Ndigbo were particularly impacted by the "leave the north or die" campaign of those days to the extent that Oganiru Ndigbo Foundation (Igboville) had to scramble buses to Maiduguri to evacuate Igbo who couldn't pay their way home but desired to leave.

Of course we need not remind anyone that Nigeria is a Federal Republic with secular constitution. The simple  implication is that any Nigerian can live, work, worship and enjoy full security protection in any part of the country as a constitutional right. It was on that premise that many of us condemned the Lagos deportations of last year and also worked to ensure that the party in power in Lagos was electorally punished in Anambra State for that breach which had potentials to be copied and abused by extremists and neo-fascists of Nigeria.

This new challenge will also be met.

If people from certain tribes are being targeted for extra checks by Nigerian security agents, it is simply because the current security challenge in Nigeria is largely localized in their area. The major headache for security agents must  be how to contain the violence in that area and prevent it from spreading because of the implications for national security and unity. It is a known fact that all tribes and tongues of Nigeria are represented in the security forces with people from northern Nigeria dominating. More poignant is the fact that at least 3 of the 6 security chiefs in Nigeria as well as the National Security Adviser and Defence minister are from the same area with the youths issuing threats. Are they also involved in the witch hunting and unfounded profiling of northerners? Why is it difficult for these "youths" to see whatever is happening to their people in the south as necessary fall out of the insurgency they allowed to fester in their area? If they had fought like youths to stop the Islamist terrorists we won't be where we are today. Instead, as seen in this embedded picture, they celebrated when the terrorists bombed Kano police station and other places.

Now the chicks are home to roost.

Any which way, let it be known that there is no major tribe in Nigeria that does not harbour separatist elements and there is non that cannot survive without the rest of the country. That we have agreed to remain in this Lord Luggard officiated marriage does not mean that if divorce becomes inevitable any part of Nigeria will drink poison because of that. The option of remaining unmarried or seeking a new union with a different spouse remains viable and on the table. Nobody should push the marriage too far for any reason: religious or political.

O kwa maka ihe Onitsha gwara Obosi o.

Those who have engaged in masturbating themselves with how they will confiscate properties here and there must be living in fool’s paradise. If ever push comes to shove in Nigeria, international law will protect every single property owned by non indigenes at Aba, Lagos, Kano, PH etc. It will be only a matter of time before the owners retrieve them, if they are temporarily lost or seized. Ask those involved in "abandoned properties" saga of the civil war days. Not only that many have returned the properties, it has also become a source of derision for those lazy and evil individuals involved. This won't be different given that Nigerians of all tribes also own properties in Benin Republic, Ghana, Cameroon, Dubai and even Sudan. Those properties and their owners are protected by local and international laws in those countries.

In the same vein, those who confuse themselves with talks of landlocked this and that must be living in the 15th century. Switzerland exists as one of the richest countries in Europe. Even then, many of us who know certain parts of the country know that they actually have access to sea but post-civil war policies have ensured that government refused to develop those access even with private funds. For many years, even access to the air was denied the same people because the orchestrators of the civil war didn't want them to have the simple dignity of flying out from their home base until President Jonathan and Stella Oduah decided that enough is enough.

The subtext of warnings like that of the confused Arewa youths is nothing but 2015 election. We have noted that the initial plot was to remove non-indigenes from the north to enable an orchestration of a landslide victory for a particular north-centric party in areas where non-indigene votes have the potential to dilute the votes of the indigenes. It is instructive to note that the same people are exporting people from certain states in the north and Niger republic to the south south and south east for reasons related to same 2015. We call on security agents to remain eagle eyed and note these arranged migrations because of the implications for national security in particular. The political purposes does not matter because as you are moving people from one state to another you are also depleting votes from your core areas.

Let history not repeat itself because no country survives two civil wars. 1966 started with shouts of "ariba" (secession) and ended with the mindless genocide against Nigerians from Eastern Nigeria. What these misguided youths are shouting is "Ariba" and it is time to lock them down. Na like joke like joke butterfly dey enter bush o.

Okuko si na ihe oji eti mkpu na egbe buru nwa ya abughi ka egbe bughachiri ya nwa ya, kama obu ka uwa nuru olu ya. (Consult your Igbo friend for translation)

All I want to say to the youths and their sponsors is: "ekpo anyi chota uka onye agbala oso".

One Nigeria is a must!!!

JOK 17/7/14


Posted on July, 17 2014

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